Buying Process

Your 10 steps towards owning an apartment in Paris

If you don’t hire us, those are the steps you need to do in order to OWN a property in Paris:

1. Locate a property yourself (no multiple listings in France) – Take a few pair of shoes and leave yourself a few long weeks. Open a bank account.

2. Negotiate your price with the Agent (who represents the Seller first).

3. Find a Notaire and deal with the Notaire – either come back for the signature or give a Power of Attorney to someone you trust.

4. Understand in French (or have it translated) the Sale Contract with the Notaire and sign it and remove the conditions in timing measure.

5. Find a bank to lend you money if you want a loan – You will have to contact more than one bank which will lend to non-resident.

6. Fill in all the loan documents (most probably in French) and decide on the terms of the loan (if you need financing).

7. Follow up the deal with the Notaire and the real estate agent.

8. Be there or have a trusted person represent you for the closing and the signing of the documents.

9. Get all the transfers to your name (telephone, cable TV, Internet, utilities, etc..) and follow up with your syndic.

10. Find some painter or contractor to do the remodeling or refreshment of the apartment and arrange to be there when it is done.

On the other side, if you hire us as your exclusive Real Estate Representative in Paris, we will deal with all these points … and more for you.